Sunday, December 11, 2011

Current Works in Progress

It's been a while since I've had anything finished to the point where I can post an article about any of my projects, but I don't want anybody to get the idea that I've been slacking off.  In the past month I've made small progress on all sors of things.  Here's the current state of a few of them...

As a follow-up to my build of the M-3 Predator heavy pistol from Mass Effect 2, I've been working on a master for the M-9 Tempest submaching gun from the same game:
M9 Tempest Smooth in Black Primer
I should be molding it sometime in the coming week.

On the subject of weapon props, I made a trade for a lighting effects kit so I can make all of the indicators on one of my HALO assault rifles work like they do on screen.  Here I am mangling one of the castings so I can install all of the bells and whistles:
AR Lighting and Wiring Project Begins

While I'm continuing my apparent mission to fabricat nearly everything in the HALO universe, I'm also making a health pack to use as a handy place to store my workshop first aid kit:
Health Pack Makes Everything Better 2

I've also continued making the helmets for the members of Delta Squad from Star Wars: Republic Commando.  I'm currently fabricating the ear antenna attachment for "Fixer," the squad's tech expert:
RC Fixer Ear Attachment Fitted

I'm also cleaning up a few helmets that I've picked up as kits from other makers.  Here's my Commander Cody helmet from Star Wars Episode III:
Commander Cody Helmet WIP from EVO3 Kit

I'm still working on the forming bucks for my vacformed Space Marine armor costume:
vacformed chest armor test fit

If you were looking closely at the picture of the Fixer helmet above, you might have spotted my build of the Warhammer 40K Terminator Marine helmet in the background:
SM Terminator Helmet Resin Coated
When I finish that helmet, I'll be posting a phototutorial about using the Pepakura program to make a wearable costume helmet from paper.

Since all of these things cost money, I'm also tinkering with a couple of marketable projects to cover the material expenses.  Right now I've got a couple more versions of my Combat Garden Gnomes in progress.  First, here's the gnome officer with a pistol:

Finally, I'm making a bazooka-wielding gnome:

I've still got a lot more detail work to do on both of them before they'll be ready to mold, but I'm expecting to be able to offer some for sale before the end of the year in my Etsy shop:

Stay tuned for more details as I finish up these projects and more...

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