Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Unseaworthy Vessel of the Week: Love-Love the Forever Sinking Sailboat

Check this out:

Believe it or not, this boat is sitting in perfect trim on an even keel.

Her name is "Love-Love" and she was built by an artist named Julien Berthier.  Here's what she looks like out of the water:

All I keep thinking is that this guy must do nothing but apologize to rescue agencies wherever he goes.

"No I'm not in distress.  Yes the boat is supposed to look like this.  It's intended as a statement of the decomposition of..." 

While I feel bad for whatever Coast Guard has to deal with this guy, I feel worse for his neighbors in the marina:


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  1. Really cool post. Wondering what makes people to build this kind of things?

    Regards Keijo Knutas - also a blogger