Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stopping By at Moss Landing

Coming back from my sister's place in SoCal, my folks decided to stop and visit my old marina neighbor Levon.  He and his wife have moved their boat to Monterey and are now living aboard in the Moss Landing Marina.

Once we got there, the girls wandered off in one direction while I wandered the docks with my father and Levon looking at the wild selection of boats:
Visiting Levon

The view at Moss Landing isn't the greatest:
Moss Landing View

What is great though is the wildlife.  Right outside the marina is the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.  This is a massive area where fishing and other harvesting is prohibited.  As a result, there is an overwhelming proliferation of sea creatures.  While we were walking around I stopped to watch a sea otter cracking open crabs and eating while floating around on his back:
Sea Otter

While I was watching the sea otter, I was being watched as well:
Chillin Sea Lion

I could've spent hours there just snapping away at all of the random critters, but it was getting late:
Moss Landing Sunset

I'll have to make a road trip down that way again soon.


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