Thursday, October 8, 2009

Last Minute Rigging Scramble

I made the mistake of mentioning to Ana that once the spreaders were installed, I could actually get the boat underway. Then she turned that notion into my mission and my whole t0-d0 list got turned upside-down. As a result, I've been spending a disproportionate amount of time dangling in the rigging as seen in this photo taken by my friend Ray Moss:

Here's another winning photo of me up on the mizzen mast while I was tightening the triatic stay:

This was the last day of my standing rigging scramble, a project that has now taken up a bunch of my free time and all of my free money for the past month or so. The last day of rigging work had me aloft and alow, forward and aft, and port to starboard. The last order of business for the day was to bend the sails to the spars and hoist them just to make sure that all the parts were there.
Jib Unfurled

Once it was up, it took Ray asking me how long it's been before I realized that this was the first time the jib was hoisted and unfurled in over a year. There was a bit of elation involved, then the hoisting of the main and mizzen followed by some celebratory drinking.

Thanks again to Rui at Rooster Sails who did a great job of patching up what was left of my sails in time for me to get underway this past weekend. If anybody needs sail repair work done, I can't recommend him enough. Tell him Shawn Thorsson sent you.


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  2. hmm that's not how I remember it, me turning it into a mission. :) But hey the elation is a good thing and you said it all needed to get done.

  3. Hey, so you finally got the spreader bars fixed, then? That's great; I seem to remember you saying that you could never seem to have the time to do it and you seemed worried about not getting the work on the boat finished. It's great that you finally got the rigging and sails ready. Must be a huge relief. I'd have been really excited.
    It's a good thing Ana could provide some extra motivation. Not sure how she made it your mission and turned your to-do list upside down. I mean, getting all that stuff done kind of was your to-do list and mission, right?
    Glad that you got it all done, though.
    So how was that first sail after it was all fixed?

  4. Come to think about it, that first sentence can sound a little harsh. It kind of puts Ana in a bad light, you know? Could be hurtful; I mean you told her you wanted to get the boat ready to sail, right. So she was excited and supportive of getting the boat ready to get underway. That's what you meant, right?