Thursday, October 29, 2009

2009 Sea Voyage Day 0...

My plan was to show up early and get my bearings on board the ship. The dispatch said my pay would start at 0800 on the 30th and the ship would arrive around 1600 on the 29th.

I got to the APL terminal at 2100 on the 29th looking for the ship and the security guard informed me that she'd been delayed. New ETA has the ship picking up the harbor pilot at 02o0 on the 30th and then pierside at 0400.

So I'd had Ana drive me from Petaluma all the way to the Oakland Inner Harbor late at night, drive all over the darkest streets that the City of Oakland has to offer, and sit and wait in a dimly-lit parking lot by the docks for no reason at all.

Fuck me for being proactive.

Day one will have me on the pier at 0600 (in the morning) ready to start my 70-day work week. Stay tuned...

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  1. It was alright, I got one more night with you. :)