Thursday, October 22, 2009

HALO Project Update

Yesterday I finished the prototype for the calf armor:
calf prototype2

The overall shape is decent enough, but there's a few problems with symmetry. I'd start over on the whole thing, but with Halloween looming close I figure I'll just roll with it.
calf prototype

There's also some minor problems with some of the details in the Achilles' tendon area, but I'm just going to deal with it:
calf prototype3

Since I had someone handy to take pictures last night, I decided it was a good time to try some test fitting:
test fit

I stuffed a block of foam inside the top of the helmet, so it was sitting way too high and looked much bigger than it actually is:
Test fit3

The piece on the outside of the upper arm is a bit too long too, but that's an easy fix.

I need to upgrade my rifle too:
Test Fit2

When this project was originally conceived, the plan was to build costumes for each of the characters of the online series Red vs. Blue. The guy I'll be dressing up as Sarge is my friend Don. Since he was on hand (and the biggest guy in the group) we had him try on the arm armor:
test fit 6

His daughter Jen will be playing Sister. Here she is on the left with Don on the right. The gauntlets fit pretty loose on her, but they should look fine as long as we pad her elbow to fill out the upper end:
test fit4

I found some great looking gloves to go with the costume too. These are "Death Grip" gloves from Dead On Tools. Their tagline is "make the nails bleed." I had to have them:
test fit 5

Back to the workshop now. Stay tuned...

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