Tuesday, April 11, 2017

COMING SOON to the 2017 Bay Area Maker Faire!

So much excitement.  But first, a recap...

Back in 2011 I brought my very first display to the Bay Area Maker Faire.  It was kinda decent:
Setting up Booth

That year's exciting new project was the series of Red vs. Blue costumes that my crew and I had made along with a bunch of UNSC trooper costumes we made to escort them around:
Me and the Crew

There was a lot of stress and strife, but I still enjoyed it enough to convince me to come back in 2012.  But in order to make sure I wasn't completely stale, this time I brought Space Marines:
IN Show Off 4

In 2013, I decided to take it easier.  Instead of killing myself and torturing all of my friends and family with some massive insanity project, we got to just show up and display all of the stuff that was already finished from the workshop.  It was awful:
2013 Maker Faire 35

To make up for it, 2014 needed something bigger.  Something better.  Something new.  That was the main reason for building this beast:

THAT was a pretty good year.

In 2015, I expanded the display, had more various costumes walking around, and put up a whole bunch of new, portable props and such:

It was fun, but there wasn't a big, huge, new thing.

Then last year I missed the Maker Faire altogether while I was attending the veterinary school graduation ceremony for Doctor Girlfriend:
Doctor Hot Chick

The only sample of my work walking around at the Maker Faire was this big red guy:

So this year I'll be back.

After a lackluster showing followed by a no-show, I've decided I have to make something pretty phenomenal for this year's Maker Faire.  I've only got myself to beat, so it'll be up to me to pick something suitably amazing.

Work has already begun and the project is well on it's way to completion.

What will it be?  Stay tuned for further updates...

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