Friday, March 29, 2013

Need to Stir Up Some Cash

A little while ago I spilled a glass of wine on m keboard and now I can't tpe that letter that comes between "X" and "Z" anmore.  So, after almost five ears of faithful service, it's time to replace the laptop.

I've also got to get m dog Bain some significant dental work, some expensive maintenance is coming due on the car, and m annual airfare budget is going to increase dramaticall in the near future.

So, for a limited time,* I'm offering a 10% discount on everthing in the Ets shop.  Just enter the coupon code "blogger" when checking out and the savings will be applied to the order.

Also, the new pose is in stock:
Bayonet Gnome Sneak Attack
I've just updated the Combat Garden Gnome listings to reflect current stock on hand, so I'll be able to turn orders around prett quickl.  CLICK HERE TO PLACE ORDERS.

*This offer will onl be valid until I reach m current sales goal, so don't dela.

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