Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear America, You Missed a Few

Rogue Turkeys

What you're looking at are just four of the forty or fifty wild turkeys that have been waddling around in the street and blocking traffic for months now as I drive out to my workshop.  So far I've been content to sit and wait while conscientious drivers ahead of me stop for however long it takes these moron birds to cross the street in their own good time.  Meanwhile, I idle away thinking of my time wasted.  I've found solace in the knowledge that November is coming and they're about to get what's coming to them. 

Then, the morning after Thanksgiving, I was shocked to see that there's just as many of them still gobble gobbling around the neighborhood.  If they're a protected species for some reason, the protection is no longer needed.  Clearly it has worked.

If anyone would like a turkey for Christmas, I'm willing to trade for ammunition...


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