Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brief Stop at Billetproof

This past weekend was my monthly dose of naval reserve time.  On Saturday afternoon, I bolted as soon as we were cut loose in order to catch the tail end of Billetproof Northern California, billed as "The world's least important car show."

I caught just about the same amount of last years Billetproof as well.  It's held at the fairgrounds in Antioch, California and the criteria for entry are very specific:
  • 1964 and prior TRADITIONAL style rods and customs ONLY
  • No visible billet anything! Especially wheels!
  • No digital gauges
  • No IFS on fenderless cars
  • No trailer queens
  • No mag wheels made after the 60's
  • No high tech styled, pastel heart beat graphic, tweed interior, fenderless IFS sporting hot rods
  • Traditional looking choppers and bobbers ONLY! (No modern West Coast Choppers, OCC style bikes) 
So basically, if you're looking to check out hot rods and rat rods made they way they used to be made by a group of purists, this is the place to be.

By the time I got there, cars were already starting to trickle out.  Still, there were quie a few eye-catchers.  I only had my little point-and-click camera, but I managed to get a few good pics all the same:
Billetproof 2011 01

This one I saw last year, but I still like it.  I guess I'm a sucker for bare metal finishes:
Billetproof 2011 02

I walked around the whole show and was amazed at some of the very bold color decisions a few of the owners had made:
Billetproof 2011 03

There were tons of beautifully painted cars and trucks, but I really loved the pinstriping on this one:
Billetproof 2011 04

Here's a closeup shot:
Billetproof 2011 05

At the opposite end of the spectrum there were a few really interesting rat rods:
Billetproof 2011 06

The rat rods are interesting to look at, but the real fun is found in the details.  Like the cigar-smoking Tiki god in the grill of this one:
Billetproof 2011 08

There were plenty of other creations rolling around too, like this monster truck styled Radio Flyer:
Billetproof 2011 07

Or this vintage scooter with sidecar:
Billetproof 2011 09

Almost as much fun as the cars was the crowd.  The people who show up at these things are always intriguing.  Take for example this guy who has found the ultimate solution to male-pattern baldness:
Billetproof 2011 11

There were plenty of women walking around in pinup couture all glammed up and posing for pictures.  The best looking one by far was this young lady:
Billetproof 2011 10

The best-looking car by far was this chopped and lowered Rolls Royce:
Billetproof 2011 12

After I'd been there for almost two hours, I caught this shot of Dad loading his Simplex Servi-Cycles into the back of his rat rod:
Billetproof 2011 13

So I missed most of it, but hopefully I got to see the best of it.


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