Thursday, August 18, 2011

SSS Compass Rose, Off to the Yard

Tuesday morning started bright and early aboard the Sea Scout Ship Compass Rose on the Petaluma River:
Compass Rose Haulout16

The ship was headed down to Richmond to be hauled out of the water for some new bottom paint.  While there, we're also pulling the starboard propeller off to have it straightened out.  Apparently we like that prop a lot and we've managed to knock it into something no less than four times since the last haulout.

Since the trip to the yard happened on short notice and it was to be the last day of summer before the crew had to start school again, the only scout who was able to make the trip was Brian, the ship's bosun:
Compass Rose Haulout25

We still had my niece and nephew aboard as well as Melissa's daughter Elise:
Compass Rose Haulout17

Fortunately, they managed to keep themselves entertained:
Compass Rose Haulout18

We left the marina in Petaluma at max ebb, so it was a pretty quick transit to Richmond:
Compass Rose Haulout19

Upon arrival, the Skipper and I went ashore and toured the very crowded yard:
Compass Rose Haulout20

I'm not sure what the haulout is going to cost, but there was no shortage of commercial and government boats there, so it must be cheap:
Compass Rose Haulout21

Compass Rose Haulout26

There was also this gorgeous Chinese junk:
Compass Rose Haulout22

While we were ashore one of the yard dogs found his way aboard the Rose.  His name is "Whitney."
Compass Rose Haulout23

Having checked in with the office and verified that all was secure on board, we left the ship alongside the dock to wait for space to open up so she can be yanked out of the water.
Compass Rose Haulout24

More to come.  Stay tuned...

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  1. Tanya, Bill, Willy and Jongwhee12 October, 2011 18:04

    Hi Barry. What an entertaining blog! Thanks again to you and the crew for a wonderful day on the Bay Sunday. We enjoyed it immensely and hope there will be future opportunities! You guys ROCK!