Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Visiting Yokosuka and it's Business as Usual

So at long last I've finally had a chance to roll ashore and visit lovely downtown Yokosuka, Japan.

Here's a view of the port from a nearby Starbucks:
Yokosuka Port

Walking around downtown, the locals don't look especially concerned about radiation exposure or fallout:
Downtown Yokosuka

These girls are absolutely not worried about exposure:
Japanese legs

Since I had a bit of time off, I ended up hanging out with my friend Rich and his family:
Me and Rich

As long as I was wandering around, I had to check out the latest and greatest high tech toilet seats:
Hi-tech Toilet Seats

Rich's son Ricky checked them out too:
Toilet Seat Ricky

There was also a Spring sale going on in the pet store section of "Homes" which is something like a Japanese WalMart:
Spling Sall
Excuse me, it was a "Spling Sall."

This is why the pets were all so inexpensive. Like this puppy:
Pricey Puppy 2
The current exchange rate is 85 yen to one US dollar, so this dog costs $1882.32.  He's cute, but damn!

Here's a kitten for $1760 US dollars:
Expensive Cat is Expensive
To think there's people in the states who give these things away for free!

Finally,. here's a $5500 bulldog:
Pricey Puppy

Given the ridiculous high prices for cats and dogs, I had to check out the smaller, cuddly animal section:
Cute and Furry Little Animals

On the left were pet chipmunks or the like:
Pet Chimpunk

In the cage on the right was a pet bat for sale.  He was preening himself:
Pet Bat preening

I wasn't quite sure he was male until he paused long enough to look at me:
Pet Bat

The longer he looked the longer he got, so I left before he tried to molest me in some way:
Boy Bat

At some point while we were out, I also snapped this picture of a plurple heffalump escaping from a nearby building:

So yeah. It's pretty much business as usual here in Yokosuka.

Stay tuned. I've got ten more days here and with the daily aftershocks you never know what's next...

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  1. We'll all be happy to see you when you get home, Shawn, but this bat was CLEARLY extremely happy that you visited him there in Japan! Woohoo!