Friday, April 23, 2010

HALO Costume Project Update: Test Fitting

I'm still not quite finished painting all of the parts or building the boots, but when my friends Matt and Jen stopped by the shop to visit the other day, we couldn't resist the urge to get me all dressed up while I had someone handy to hold the camera. The result wasn't great photography, but the suit still looks the part.

Here's a few of my favorite snapshots:
MC Cactus

MC backyard

Master Chief Gangsta

MC Recon

The best part about all of these pictures is that you can't tell I'm not wearing pants. Okay, actually I am wearing pants, but they're just jeans. I didn't go through the trouble of putting the leg armor on because I haven't added any fasteners to my inner thighs yet.

I'm still working on the undersuit. Once that's done, the only thing left will be to rebuild my boot molds.

Stay tuned...

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