Thursday, April 29, 2010

Butter and Eggs Day Parade

Last weekend was Petaluma's annual heritage event known as Butter and Eggs Day. There are a handful of goings-on during this event, but the centerpiece of the whole t0-do is the parade which winds its way through the historic downtown area in the early afternoon.

Here's a few snapshots I took while watching from the North side of Petaluma Boulevard.

The parade was kicked off by the Nave Patrola, a local comedy marching troop that has been marching in nearby parades for over 35 years:
Nave Patrola

They were followed by a Marine Corps color guard:
USMC Color Guard

Which in turn was followed by the Coast Guard color guard:
USCG Color Guard

There were plenty of interesting floats and groups in the parade. Among them was Mayor Pamela Torliatt:
Mayor Torliatt

Here's a shot showing some details of the Mayor's ride:
Mayor's Ride

Ginormous cow:
Gihugic Cow

At some point I decided I need a really tall bicycle (to go with my top hat):
Victorian Bicycle

Kid's groups like the Redwood Empire Gymnastics:
Redwood Empire Gymnastics

Or Harvest Christian Academy:
Harvest Christian Academy
I had to keep an eye out for that one because all of the navular parts of their float were loaned to them by the Petaluma Sea Scouts.

There were also the usual allotment of marching bands.

Petaluma High School has a new look:
PHS Marching Band

This look is complete with kilts:
PHS Drum Major

I don't quite understand the kilts. Their mascot is the Trojans. I've heard there's a shortage of Trojans in the Scottish highlands, but what do I know.

Speaking of marching bands and style, there's nothing cooler than this girl with the retro 1980s sunglasses:
Casa Grande Band

Nothing cooler, that is, except the drum major from Rancho Cotati High School:
Drum Major Monica
This particular drum major is also the ship's boatswain aboard the SSS Compass Rose and I've made it a point to post this picture of her all over the ship.

Of note were many of the old cars that appeared in the parade. The oldest was probably this one:
Old Jalopy

I found it especially fascinating because it had no steering wheel. Instead, the driver turned with a yoke:
Steering Yoke

There was also a pretty impressive showing by a local Volkswagen club:
VW Club Shiny

VW Club 2
Some of them weren't as pretty as others:
VW Club Rat

Of course, one of them turned out to be a lot faster than the rest:
VW Club Kart

Other than that, there were all sorts of horse-mounted entries. One had horses with really sparkly butts:
Sparkly Horse Butts

In the end it was a beautiful day and I couldn't have asked for nicer weather for the first Butter and Eggs Day Parade that I've been to in almost twenty years.

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