Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Late Post: Petaluma Party Pictures

It's been weeks since the party happened, so I apologize for not posting sooner. The biggest delay has been waiting for all the folks with cameras there to email photos to me because I wasn't taking pictures for myself. There are still more pictures out there and if you have them please send them to me. I still don't have very many pictures of the Seattle party, so if you were there, send those too.

Now, on to the event...

Preparations for the Petaluma party started about four days ahead of time with the discussion of foodstuffs with my uncle Glenn. Ana and I went with him to Costco and came back with a truckload of food and a shopping list. Over the next three days it was time to set up event rental equipment and help dad line up part of his car collection so he could show off:

I also cleaned up the workshop and pulled out some of my works in progress so I could show them off too:

In the Workshop

The morning of the party, uncle Glenn showed up with the pig in tow and got started with the cooking:

My cousin Jess helped him out:

My aunt Betty made a cake for the occasion too. I told her to have fun with it, and she definitely went all out:

Early in the afternoon, family started showing up in costume:

Boz and Me

Des and Dot

Then old friends started showing up:

Herman Clan

Wonderful Wizard of Pimp

Believe it or not, Chris made the Wolfman costume himself:
Indy and the Wolfman

Shawn & CJ

Dad & Len

Rose Nicole Dustin

I figured as long as we were asking everyone to show up dressed ridiculous, the least I could do was give them something in return. So over the previous two days I'd made a small collection of costume trophies for presentation as the afternoon waned into evening:

Some of the winners:

About this same time, the pig had been mostly eviscerated:

Along the way, my car was filled with random gifts:

When people had mostly left and the children were out of bounce house, we decided it was the adults' turn:
Shawn Rich Dave Jumper
Rich had a fundoshi slip:
Rich Fundoshi Jumper
The next day, all that was left to do was clean up:

Then put all of the chairs and tables away, return the borrowed and rented gear, and re-park all of the cars.

It took two days to make it all go away.

Now all I have to do is finish designing, writing, and mailing the thank-you cards.


  1. Hey. Looks like fun, sorry I wasn't able to be there.
    Did anyone have pictures of you and Ana together? I was wondering how her costumes came out, but I haven't seen any pictures of her.
    I hope you guys had a good time.

  2. Pictures of Ana and Binky please?

  3. You forgot to mention it was butt freezing cold and the people in costume were TROOPERS! It was a really fun party.