Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer 2009 Roadtrip: Phase One

First of all, let me apologize for not writing for a while. This has been the first time I've really had a moment to sit down and write anything. Sorry. Deal with it.

After a high-speed, two-day outprocessing at the Navy-Marine Corps Mobilization Processing Site Gulfport, Mississippi, I had a nice long weekend with Ana in New Orleans. While we were there I started getting caught up on all of the good food, drink, and desserts I've been missing out on for the past few months. Like this goofyness:


We did a lot of walking around town. I've always like the architecture in New Orleans, but as always I failed to take enough pictures. In fact, the only house picture I took was this one:
folks house NOLA

Probably because of the striking similarity to the paint scheme at my folk's house:

But anyway, New Orleans was fun. Ana's been in DC for a few weeks now, so she was in town for the movers to pick up all of her stuff and catch up with a few friends including this guy:

Once the movers were done packing and picking up everything, we were all set to take off for Washington DC.

Again I failed to take many pictures. I took this one in Georgia where they apparently grow really big peaches:
GA Peach

Along the way we passed at least a dozen busnesses claiming to be the "world's largest fireworks store," but I couldn't convince Ana that we really needed to spend a few hundred dollars on sparkly explosive stuffs. Oh well.

Sometime the next day I finally achieved my normal level of caffienation:
Shawn Thorsson, awake!

We stopped for the night in Virginia Beach too. While we were there, Ana snapped this picture of a very imposing statue of a very angry-looking King Neptune and his equally angry little sea turtle:

Meanwhile, I was standing by below:
Other than that, most of the road trip amounted to hanging out with Ana's pitiable little dogs:
Tragic Dogs

...and enjoying the company of my wyfe:
Wife picking


  1. Hope you stop by for dinner while you two are in DC. Mrs. Vic

  2. Hope you've enjoy(ed?) DC and made it for a few of the beautiful days we've had here and not the plentiful rainy ones we've had lately. Although, you're back in the US, so I'm sure that whether it's rain or shine, it's fabulous! :)

  3. What a great shot of your mom and dad's house! So glad you're back!