Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Building Sisters of Battle from Warhammer 40K Part 4: Stepping up Production and Painting

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Once we'd worked out the details regarding how the pieces were going to go together and whatnot, the next step was to make a whole boatload of armor:
Cranking Out More Sisters

Then get them all painted, packed, transported, and rigged up so we could show them off:
2019 SDCC 0087

For more pics and details on how the many were made, read on...

The first order of business was to buy a bunch of full sheets of styrene and cut them down to a size that would fit on my big vacforming machine.  This was a simple matter of scoring them with a knife and snapping them along the score:
Sororitas Progress 59

Then it was time to start vacforming parts.  Lots of parts.  Since some of the forming bucks were fiberglass and bondo, it was important to cycle through the various forms so none of them could get warm enough to warp or deform.  Of course, since everyone had their hands full on the vacforming days, the only photos we tended to get were the aftermath:
End of Vacforming Day 1

And the insane piles of scraps:
Vacform Scraps

The parts were rough trimmed and sorted into stacks of like parts.  Here's some thigh pieces stacked up with some backpack parts:
Vacform Parts Rough Trimmed
With all of the parts piling up, it was time to give them their final trimming and start solvent welding them together:
Sororitas Progress 89

Before too long, every horizontal surface in the shop was covered with armor in progress:

Sororitas Progress 47

Here's a stack of thighs in the process of having their seams smoothed out:

Sororitas Progress 93

Each seam was glued, then bondoed, then sanded, then spot puttied, then sanded again:

Sororitas Progress 96

Freddy made quick work of putting together all of the shins and calves: Sororitas Progress 51

Danielle assembled and smoothed the inner shoulder bits: Sororitas Progress 66

I focused on sticking together the upper shoulder/collar armor: Sororitas Progress 58

I also attached the knee plates to the shins:

Sororitas Progress 95

Which required a bit of test fitting: Sororitas Progress 106

The dogs were not impressed: Sororitas Progress 107

I was still pretty proud of them:

Sororitas Progress 109

With the bulk of the assembly done, it was time to start priming everything:

Sororitas Progress 85

Then the parts were given a base coat of Rustoleum hammered black metallic paint: Sororitas Progress 90

It was starting to look the part: Sororitas Progress 92

It was hard to avoid getting distracted once we started taping on some of the smaller detail bits: Sororitas Progress 104

Still, pretty soon painted parts were starting to cover the whole shop: Sororitas Progress 101

Sororitas Progress 102

Sororitas Progress 110

Sororitas Progress 111

Once the base color had dried, we picked out all of the contrasting trim with Aluminum enamel:

July-Aug Progress 0041

Sororitas Progress 112

At that point, all that was left was the weathering, but time was short so we'd have to figure it out on the road.

Leeloo would be staying behind:

Sororitas Progress 103

Stay tuned for Part 5: Showtime!

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