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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Grey Knight Terminator Helmet from Warhammer 40K

A while back I got bored one evening and started tinkering with a maquette sculpt for a Grey Knight helmet.

I suppose I needed a new challenge, so I had to make it full-sized.  Here's the finished result: 
Angry Glare

To see more photos and details about how it was made, read on...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sith Stalker Helmet

It's rare that I'll allow myself to get hooked on a video game, but when I do it becomes pretty overwhelming.  I'll miss meals and lose sleep and get completely immersed until I finally beat the game and I can get on with my life.

Somewhere along the way I end up with a sort of shopping list.  There's always something that comes up along the way that makes me sit up and say "Oooh, I want one of those!"

Sadly, most of the things that catch my eye don't actually exist in real life.  If only I knew someone who could make these sorts of things...

Oh, right.

When I came to the end of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, the helmet that the main character was wearing made it onto my must-have list.  After a bit of poking around online, it turned out that someone had already ripped the model out of the game and there were several different Pepakura versions of it available on the internets.  Sweet.

So I got to work and turned this:

Into this:
Finished Stalker Helmet 2

For details about how it was done, read on...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

July UFO Sightings in the Shop

It's been too damned long since my last post.  I've got a lot of nearly finished things to brag about, but since it'll be a while before I get a chance to actually write about them, let me take you on a roundup of the latest UnFinished Objects on the bench...

First off, here's the beginning of parts I'm making for a desktop statuette version of the Funbot, the mascot for Fundemonium, a local toy and hobby store:
Funbot Pars in Standard Prototype Color
The statuette will be one of the perks offered as part of their crowdfunding campaign to help pay for their move and expansion in a bigger better location.  Details can be found HERE.

A while back I made a Space Wolf version of my Warhammer 40K space marines.  Since then the going has been slow, but I'm making a thunder hammer to go along with him.  This is the forming buck for part of the hammer head:
Sculpting Forming Bucks Continues

Speaking of 40K, I'm off to a good start on my Grey Knight Terminators.  Here's a few helmets out of the molds (the one on the left is the original prototype):
Helmet Casts Lined Up

Since I can't seem to get Ironman out of my system, I've also started work on a War Machine helmet.  I'm also nearing completion for the Mk39 "Gemini" helmet on the right:
Size Comparison

I've always said that I never make just one of anything I make.  True to form, here's the parts of my 2nd ED-209 coming together:
2nd ED Parts
For details about building the first one, including the series of videos that MAKE Magazine published showing how it was done, click HERE.

Since my girlfriend bought tickets to Star Wars Celebration: Anaheim, it falls to me to make sure we'll have suitably impressive costumes to wear to the event.  The first one I've gotten started for her is the bounty hunter Shae Vizla from the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.  This project is being done in collaboration with DW Design Studios (who makes some phenomenal Star Wars stuff).  I've made a few small parts here and there.  Here's the jetpack prototype coming together:
Almost Done

Since we'll be there for more than one day, I have to make sure we've got different outfits to wear each day.  In order to show off my insanely hot girlfriend, I couldn't think of anything better than to dress her up as Darth Talon, a Sith Twilek who appears in the expanded universe.  As it stands right now, here's the armor parts taped onto a duct tape double:


Finally, after watching this project come together at Tested.com, I bit the bullet and picked up a Needler kit from Volpin Props.  This beauty will be a prized addition to my arsenal of HALO props:
Needler Parts

So that's what's in the lineup right now.  Stay tuned.