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Saturday, June 15, 2019

June 2019 UFO Sightings in the Workshop

As usual, I'm running behind on bloggage.  As usual, I've been overwhelmed with works in progress and failing to take the time to properly document builds when they're done.  So to hopefully keep your interest while I get around to actually writing something interesting, here's a shotgun blast of photos of UnFinished Objects scattered around the workshop lately.

A while back I acquired a vinyl cutter (finally) and after dragging the box around the shop for a few months, we finally decided to assemble it.  The main problem is that it was just a bit too big to keep it from being in the way wherever it went.  To solve this, we cleared out space under one of the benches:
Bench Clearing
Nobody thought to actually check the assembled dimensions of the new machine though.

In the end, I went ahead and removed the last four feet of work bench, cut it down on the table saw to make it narrower, and reinstalled it a bit higher so the vinyl cutter could fit underneath.  The newly narrow section of the bench makes an ideal shelf for three of the 3D printers and their high-tech, custom-fitted dust covers (which look strikingly similar to cardboard boxes):
13 June Progress 0007

Now I can make all the stickers I could ever need.

Since a bunch of stuff had been wedged under that forgotten corner of the bench over the past few years, it means that much of the shop has become unusually cluttered for a moment.  In the midst of all that are scenes like this:
13 June Progress 0008

And an array of nearly-finished things;
13 June Progress 0005

One highlight is my Sidon Ithano helmet:
13 June Progress 0004

This guy was a minor character who appears briefly in a scene in Star Wars Episode 7.  It's a silly project for me to take on, but for some reason I really want to make the rest of his costume.  The helmet and coveralls combo just isn't cutting it:
Sidon Helmet Fitting 2

On the subject of frivolous builds, the other day I got this helmet kit from a fellow maker:

Here it is all painted and weathered and awaiting eye lenses:
13 June Progress 0003

I've also set up a spray booth again, so I've been finalizing the prep work on everything that's been sitting around waiting to get shiny:
Blasters Assembled and Filled

That'll include this lady:
Rigging Test 1

In other news, I'm about ready to mold this beauty:
Morita Gloss Coat

And I've been printing out the pieces of the Widowmaker's rifle from Overwatch:
Widowmaker Rifle Parts Printed

Fully-extended it becomes somewhat huge:
Rifle Test Fit 1
If you need to print your own for some reason, you can download it here: LINK.

Somewhere on the backburner there's still this beast:
Minigun In Need of Barrels
I just need to make the ammo belt carrier and come up with a lightweight, speedy plan to mkae the barrels.

Then there's the ever-present Warhammer 40k thing in progress:
Auspex Parts Printed

I've also got a few other silly things we're tinkering with.  This will make more sense soon:
Wonder Womandalorian Parts in Progress

So will this:
Batmando Belt

In the meantime, we're grinding through the prep work on a whole platoon of Combat Garden Gnomes in progress:
Gnome Prep

Which you can currently order at thorssoli.etsy.com.

So that's a whole bunch of work in progress.  Stay tuned for the eventual blog article about finished things...