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Friday, March 16, 2012

Gnome Again, Gnome Again, Jiggity Jig...

I've finally managed to get some more of my Combat Garden Gnomes back in stock.  This includes my first painted batch of these guys:

There's more of the RPG gnomes too:
RPG7 Gnome Painted Side

I've also got plenty of painted and unpainted castings of the other poses as well.  All available now in my Etsy shop, http://etsy.com/shop/thorssoli.

Get them while they're hot.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Recent UFO Sightings in the Workshop

That's "UFO" as in "UnFinished Objects."  Here's what I've got going right now that isn't covered by some sort of non-disclosure agreement...

Almost three years elapsed between "I think I should make these" and having a bunch of Spartans from Red vs. Blue walking around in real life.  Still, I keep feeling compelled to make upgrades to my Halo armor.  The latest is a re-working of the helmet masters and a new and improved version of the visor:
First New MkVI Visor Pull 3

Up until the end of the Recollection seasons of RvB, all but two of the characters wore the same style of helmet.  I've already made the Mark 5 helmet that Caboose wears, so it's high time I started working on another one of the helmet designs from Halo 3:
EVA Helm Smoothing Right

That's the EVA helmet, as worn by Agent Maine (aka "the Meta") in the popular web series Red vs. Blue. As long as I'm building his helmet, I figured I should also get started on his signature weapon:
Brute Shot Blade and Holder

That's the tail end of the Brute Shot, one of the more malicious weapons available in Halo 3.  The plan is to make vacforming bucks so I can make the whole thing hollow and lightweight.  This'll be important when you consider the fact that the finished piece will be over five feet long.

On the subject of weapons, I'm also making great strides forward on my build of the STA-52 Light Assault Rifle used by the Helghast troops in the Killzone series:
STA-52 Fastener Details

Since I made the helmets for all four members of Delta Squad from Republic Commando, I figured I should also make them some body armor.  Here's the forms in progress:
RC Chest Final Smooth

Here's the first pulls of the chest parts:
RC Chest 1st pull on table

And here I am test-fitting them:
RC Armor Test Fit Crouch

Finally, I'm back to making real progress on my 40K Space Marine project:

SM Backpack Beginning 4

The MDF parts are the first forming bucks I'll be using to form the backpack. That and the thighs make the last major parts I need forms for. Then I can start building full suits and cranking out the little detail parts.  Here's one of the four thigh forms in progress:
SM Thigh Ends Capped

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