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I make toys for kids who don't want to grow up. I'm on the lookout for new projects. If you're interested in commissioning me to build something ridiculous, shoot me an email.

Praise and Reviews (aka, a List of Quotes I'm Proud Of)

Over the past few years A few people have said or posted things about me that have flattered me to no end.  I can't help but share some of my favorites...

"For amazing replica Halloween costumes, just be Shawn Thorsson."  -Gizmodo.com

"Costume and prop-maker Shawn Thorsson creates some of the most detailed and realistic costumes and props I’ve seen in the cosplay world." Geeks are Sexy

"This guy doesn’t make costumes and props, he creates something of a reality distortion field around him and his creations.  You can’t stand next to one of his, say, mind-bending HALO costumes, and not feel a little bit like you’ve stumbled through Alice’s looking glass."  -MAKE Online

"The next time I feel I need to be taken down a peg or two I will pull up a chair and bask in your awesomeness..."  -Instructables.com user Nick70587

"This guy tackles some ambitious projects...   It’s truly inspiring stuff. Maybe I’ll skip taking that nap today."  -Fashionably Geek

"Shawn Thorsson's Dead Space 2 costume. It's truly hardcore." -DVice.com

"Even though I have no intention of making a person frozen in carbonite right now, I devoured the tutorial with fascination. Thorsson is one talented dude."  -Nerdapproved.com

"Maker Shawn Thorsson has a long history of making impressive props and costumes, but it wasn't until he won a 3-D printer from Instructables that he could unleash his inner Tony Stark and craft Iron Manarmor. The availability of CAD files and the precision of Objet's 3-D printers have allowed Thorsson to take on increasingly complex projects, but they key tool is still his ingenuity." -Wired.com

"Every once in a while you find other prop / costume makers that you truly envy in both skill and ambition. Spend a min and look through this mans blog. Your jaw will hit the floor." -Facebook page for Arms, Armor, and Awesome

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