Sunday, January 20, 2019

January 2019 UFO Sightings in the Workshop

I've always got a lot of irons in the fire.  This means that it tends to be a long time between project updates if I even get to them at all.  I worry that anybody reading my blog might get the idea that I've disappeared or at least quit building things. 

So to quell that notion, here's a quick roundup of UnFinished Objects currently rolling around in the workshop...

First, there's my 3D printed Samus Aran helmet is just about ready to mold:

Samus Helmet in Gloss Lightish Red

Locus armor has been getting a lot of progress:
A little Snug
All of the printed parts have been printed.  Most of the carved parts have been carved.  I just need to do a ton of prep work and mold everything so I can make it sturdy, lightweight, and wearable.

On another bench, I have the beginnings of a custom team of Mandalorians:
Helmets Trimmed

As part of that project, a few days back I printed and assembled the beginnings of a shrimp fork:
Shrimp Fork

On an unrelated note, I also printed up the helmet for "grenade face," one of the Knights of Ren for no good reason:
Printed TOo Big

The War Machine armor keeps finding its way back to the backburner, but it will be finished this year:
Dust Collectors

There's more stuff in progress, but this is just the top of the current pile.

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  1. I'm always happy to see an update from you. Thanks for letting us know that you are still going strong!