Sunday, March 11, 2018

My Segment on the Daily Planet

I'm late to posting this, but a while back I ended up on a Canadian TV show called "Daily Planet."   You can check the show out here:

I've captured a couple of my favorite frames below.

The shoot was a good time.  Even if I do look all kinds of tired.
Daily Planet 06 Feb 2018 07

If nothing else, it was a good excuse to drag some of my favorite works out of storage and talk through them in front of the camera:
Daily Planet 06 Feb 2018 01

Daily Planet 06 Feb 2018 05

Daily Planet 06 Feb 2018 06

The highlight though, was that it finally prompted me to strap my friend Lewis into the Fallout T-60 armor parts in progress and see how it would work:
Daily Planet 06 Feb 2018 04

The final verdict?  It was a success:
Daily Planet 06 Feb 2018 03

Leeloo got a lot of screen time as well, but she was not impressed by this:
Daily Planet 06 Feb 2018 02

Stay tuned, more updates on the way.


  1. Hi Shawn,

    Just FYI, the text at the top of this blog entry is not rendering correctly in either Edge or Chrome. Also, the clip is not viewable in my region (US).

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I've fixed the parts that I can. I'll email the producer and see about a regional version that works outside of Canada. Odd, because I was able to view the video when it was new. Now it's not working.