Thursday, August 20, 2015

August UFO Sightings in the Workshop

A couple of weeks ago I finished up a major, super-secret project.  Here's the crew with some of the finished pieces:

As I mentioned, it's super-secret.  Hence the pixelating.

Anyhow, after the dust had settled, it was time to clean up the workshop:

It was a daunting task, but it worked out okay in the end:

As often happens over the course of such cleanings, I managed to find all sorts of cool stuff I'd almost forgotten about.  So I managed to snap a few pics of this month's UnFinished Objects.

First off, there was the prototype flametrooper helmet replica I'm making based on the upcoming Episode 7 of Star Wars.  I molded it:
Mothermold 2nd Half

Then I cast and painted a copy. Here's the Lady Shawnon trying it on:
Flametrooper Test Fitting

It looks good, but then again she makes anything look good:
Flametrooper Shawnon

On the subject of prototypes, I've also been tinkering with a Judge Dredd (2012) helmet:
DREDD helmet smooth

There's a lot of helmets kicking around the shop. Here's the "mostly clone trooper" shelf:

There's a War Machine helmet there.  Clearly it's an escapee from the "mostly Marvel helmets" shelf:

There's also a few things I've finally gotten off of the back burner now that I've got a minute.  These are projects that will be used to illustrate a how-to book I'm writing.  Such as this helmet:

I'm also going to be disassembling this heater in order to build a compact vacforming machine:

There's a whole host of other things tucked away in the various corners as usual.  Each more fascinating than the last.

Stay tuned.  I'll get to them sooner or later...


  1. Glad to see an update. Was beginning to think you'd suffered an unfortunate VacForming machine accident or something.

  2. Big fan of your work! I'm not all that up to speed on my Ironman Marks... what's the helmet next to Captain America's helmet?

    1. That's the Mk16. Also called the "Nightclub" variant. It's a stealth suit. You can tell because it doesn't have a mouth.

  3. What do make the helmets out of? Are they 3-D printed or sculpted then molded and cast? Other? Thanks.

    1. It depends on all sorts of different factors. Some are sculpted in clay, some are carved out on the CNC machines, some are 3D printed, and a few are built out of cardstock and then reinforced with plastic resins before being smoothed and sanded and filled to achieve the final shape. There's really not a single way that I do any of my projects.