Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2014 Petaluma Hobby Expo, Debuting my Ironman Costume

Last year I was invited to bring a couple of characters to walk around and spice things up at the local hobby expo run by the Sonoma County chapter of the International Plastic Modelers Society.  It was a pretty good time and I got a quick chance to dress up and show off.  

This year I was invited to come back and have a few characters in costume again.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's two  thousand words about the day:

Petaluma Hobby Expo 2014 04

Petaluma Hobby Expo 2014 07

For thousands more, read on...

Since I only had a handful of people and I didn't want to deal with the logistics nightmare of moving the Space Marines around, I decided to haul out a couple of my suits of Halo armor.  Specifically, I brought Agent Washington and Private Church from Red vs Blue:
Petaluma Hobby Expo 2014 03

I also dressed up my little sister and myself in UNSC Marine costumes to keep them company:
Petaluma Hobby Expo 2014 01

This gave me a chance to spend the morning strolling around with the Mister*:
Petaluma Hobby Expo 2014 02

In addition to my and my crew, the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers had a small contingent of Stormtroopers and Tusken Raiders on the premises.  This made for some fun photoshops:
Stormtroopers and the Mister

After lunch I busted out the Ironman suit for the first time.**  Since one of the guys I'd brought along was just a bit taller than me and a heck of a lot skinner, we decided he should wear it.  Since all I'd ever done was a few test fittings, this was the first time the suit would be seen in public.  I'll admit I was a little bit nervous.

I strapped him into the suit and it was a perfect fit.  Here he is in the dressing room with Darth Vader:
Petaluma Hobby Expo 2014 06

Vader loved the suit:

When we stepped out into the Expo Hall, he got completely swarmed by folks wanting to get photos:
Petaluma Hobby Expo 2014 08

 Petaluma Hobby Expo 2014 01

 Petaluma Hobby Expo 2014 09

 Petaluma Hobby Expo 2014 15

I took a lot of pics:
Petaluma Hobby Expo 2014 10

Petaluma Hobby Expo 2014 02

Petaluma Hobby Expo 2014 12

Petaluma Hobby Expo 2014 14

This one might just be my favorite:
Petaluma Hobby Expo 2014 11

More insane projects in the works, so as always, stay tuned...

*Not "Mister" meaning some sort of gentleman, but "Mister" meaning a thing that turns bad guys into mist.

**I really need to finish writing details about the rest of that build.


  1. hello, your work is awesome and i have a quick questions ref the space marine builds.. are you open to either selling one or selling unpainted vacuum pulls for them ?


  2. Hi, I was curious about the Agent Washington costume. Is there any way you'd be willing to sell it? If not, that's fine. I was just curious because it would make a good halloween costume. Text me at +1 (606)465-3747 if you're interested, thanks!