Sunday, October 2, 2011

Work in Progress: Grenade Throwing Combat Garden Gnome

I've been getting around to sculpting this guy for a while. The roughed-out version has been sitting unfinished on the shelf for a couple of weeks, so the other night I locked myself in a room and refused to come out until it was presentable.

By 0430 (in the morning) he looked like so:
Combat Garden Gnome with Grenade

I'm definitely happy with this little guy:
Grenade Gnome Face Details

You may have a bullet with his name on it, but he's got a grenade addressed "to whom it may concern."

Now all he needs is a bit more smoothing and detailing, then I'll start making the molds.  As usual, I'll be selling these in my Etsy shop:

He also needs a bit more back story.  Any suggestions?



  1. Sarge Gerard Nome obviously wants to take out as many of these feathery pinko birds as he can in one shot...

  2. Grenadier Gil. A former explosive ordnance specialist and commando. Now a mercenary for hire, putting his services at the disposal of the highest bidder. He specializes in the removal of any form of lawn or garden pests in the most spectacular of fashions. No challenge is too big for him. Although he may be small in stature, he's just as dangerous as the grenade he's toting. If you ask him, there's no better way to aerate your lawn than with explosives.

  3. Awesome, guys. Keep 'em coming. I'm looking for ideas to go into the write-up for the sales listings.

  4. He's pissed off because he's been pissed on. The dog is gonna get it...