Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Few More Pics from Singapore

I forgot to work these into my last post.

First, here's a safety awareness poster that was next to the entrance to the Keppel Shipyard:
LEGO Safety Poster
That poster was roughly ten feet tall. Otherwise I'd've found a way to take it home.

Second, here's a shot of one of the other ship's at anchorage just after lighting off its main engine:
Singapore Anchorage

Finally, here's an oddly alluring set of outdoor furniture I spotted at one of the open air cafes in Clark Key:
Cool Outdoor Furniture
Again, if I could've found a way to put it in a taxi, I'd have found a way to own one of these sets.


  1. Hey Shawn, reading over your blog (again!) and found this website with a PDF of the poster. I'm sure a good printshop could make you a smaller version. Regards-Andy