Monday, June 9, 2014

Custom Female Commissar Costume Inspired by Warhammer 40,000

So far I've made quite a few Warhammer 40K costumes.  The Space Marines were pretty big and the Imperial Guard were more comfortable, but none of them have been especially sexy.  I've been overwhelmed by the urge to remedy that lately.

While I'd really like to put together some of the Adepta Sororitas outfits, it'll be a while before I've got the time and resources to do it right.  In the meantime I've decided that I should make a female Commissar to keep the Guardsmen in line.

Here's the finished costume:

Commissar Eyebrow
For details on how it was made, read on...
There were a few key parts that went into this build.  Here's a few links so you can read about them:

The Breastplate

The Pasma Pistol

The Chainsword is just a resized version built the same way I built them for my Space Marines.  You can read about that build HERE.

For the overcoat, I enlisted the help of a seamstress friend of mine who modified a somewhat militaristic coat pattern into something a bit more Warhammer.  Here's an early progress shot:
Commissar Coat Begins

Some time later I ended up trying it on with all of the medals and whatnot:
breastplate test fit
Clearly it was not intended to fit me.

The medals were designed in Google Sketchup.  Once I was happy with the general shapes, I handed them off to Jarvis (my Objet30 3D printer) for rapid prototyping.  Here's the grown parts:
printed decorations

Jarvis is really good at making mechanical shapes, but when it comes to organic shapes, I still prefer sculpting them out by hand.  So I added some small skulls in oil-based clay before boxing everything up for molding:
Medal Prototypes

Once the mold had cured, I made copies in cold cast bronze, aluminum, and brass.  Here's the bronze ones:

For the hat, I started with a Soviet surplus military combination cap kinda like this one.  I removed the device above the brim and made a pair of wings out of layered styrene and added a resin cast skull:
Cap Devices Painting Progress

The intent was for this one to share the same design elements as the one on the breastplate:
Cap Device Size Comparison

The last thing I did was carve out a quick pair of vacforming bucks and pull a pair of epaulets.  After a quick paintjob and the addition of some resin cast skulls and gold fringe, they started to really look the part:
Commissar Epaulettes Painted

With everything assembled, I got a hold of my model friend Mallory and invited her to try on the whole thing for a few photos:

Commissar Portrait

Despite the fact that she's usually a pretty smiley girl, she managed to pull off a suitably unfriendly expression throughout the shoot:
Commissar Smoking Closeup

Commissar Slash and Blast

One we'd established the right level of mean, we went ahead and staged a few battlefield court martials:
Execution 4

Execution 1

And a good time was had by all:
Commissar Body Count
Of course, the pics were even more fun with a bit of tweaking:

Shopped Execution 1

More madness to come.  Stay tuned...

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