Monday, July 5, 2010

HALO Costume Project Update: Mass Casting Party

As you may know, the object of the HALO armor project wasn't to make just one suit of armor for me to wear for Halloween. Instead, the idea is for me and a group of friends to be able to dress as the characters from Red vs. Blue. This means I need to come up with at least eight (preferably thirteen) different colored suits.

The only problem is that each suit takes me the better part of a day to make all of the parts, then there's weeks worth of prep before they're ready to paint. Then after painting there's fitting and assembly to be done.

To speed this along, I've enlisted the help of all of the other folks who are going to be wearing these outfits to crank out a bunch of castings. The idea was to have each person take one mold and spend a long afternoon cranking out as many copies of that piece as possible.

Here's a couple of the guys doing some rotocasting:
Matt and Don Rotocasting

This is Chris Herman showing off his helmet (one of several we made that day):
Chris (Simmons) Helmet

In the end we didn't quite manage to make everything we needed. I still haven't finished the molds for the boots or the chest armor, but we did manage to make a couple pairs of thighs, some shins, gauntlets, shoulder armor, helmets, and space diapers. Here's one of the piles of stuff:
Cast Parts

In the end we burned through about fourteen gallons of casting resin before someone finally looked at their watch and noticed it was after 8:30pm and we all had other things to be doing.

I'm sure we'll end up doing this again before too much longer.

Stay tuned...

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