Sunday, July 18, 2010

Angel Island Day Cruise with the Petaluma Sea Scouts

Friday morning the Sea Scout Ship Compass Rose set out from the Petaluma Marina with the entire crew and a handful of guests on board. The day began as the crew began to arrive around 0600. By 0715, the ship was underway and bound down the river.

The tide was with us, so it was just a couple short hours until we were pulling through Raccoon Straits and arriving in Ayala Cove. There were already plenty of boats which had spent the night moored in the cove:
Angel Island Scout Trip (24)

The Compass Rose was one of the first boats to arrive at the docks though, so we were able to make up on the end tie:
Angel Island Scout Trip (32)

Once all the mooring lines were made fast, I set out for the top of the island. With no particular plan in mind, the rest of the crew followed along:
Angel Island Scout Trip (44)

As we turned off the perimeter road and headed up the trail, the view kept getting better:
Angel Island Scout Trip (66)

Somewhere along the way, everyone ended up a bit spread out:
Angel Island Scout Trip (85)
This is a rock:
Angel Island Scout Trip (77)

This is the view next to the rock:
Angel Island Scout Trip (78)
About three quarters of the way up, everyone stopped to check out Battery Wallace, a Spanish War era gun emplacement. There we rested and posed for photographs:
Angel Island Scout Trip (63)

Just before we reached the top, the fog rolled in and blocked the view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge:
Angel Island Scout Trip (93)

But from the peak of Mount Livermore, you could just make out the Compass Rose in the cove below:
Angel Island Scout Trip (94)

On the other side there was a good view of the East Garrison:
Angel Island Scout Trip (99)

Having already seen one side of the island, everyone opted to hike down the other side on the way back:
Angel Island Scout Trip (102)

This probably had something to do with the fact that it was warm and this was the shady side:
Angel Island Scout Trip (106)

We returned to the dock in time for lunch:
Angel Island Scout Trip (125)

In the afternoon everyone split off into various groups to entertain themselves. I wasn't there, but apparently there was some controversy over who owed whom five dollars for touching a dead jellyfish that washed up on the beach. The jury's apparently still out.

Leaving Raccoon Straits, we were able to glimpse the bridge again:
Angel Island Scout Trip (4)

As we headed up the Petaluma River, an incessant squeaking noise started in the pilothouse. Further investigation revealed that we had chirping stowaways camped out above our port sidelight:
Angel Island Scout Trip (21)

Fortunately the ship was moored in her home berth well before sunset so their parents could feed them.

Stay tuned for more adventures...

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