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Sunday, April 10, 2022

April UFO Sightings in the Workshop

 As usual, I'm way behind on bloggage.  Part of that is due to the fact that most of the past few months worth of finished projects are covered under non-disclosure agreements, part of it is because I haven't finished any fun new hobby projects in a while, part of it is because I'm missing a few key photos I'll need to re-stage in order to document build processes, and part of it is because I'm just plain lazy.

So, rather than make you wait until the one day someday when I get around to actually finishing a project and it's obligatory blog post, I've decided to once again round up photos of the UnFinished Objects scattered around the shop and show you what I can show you of what I've been up to.

First off, longer ago than I'd care to admit, a friend of mine asked for some help upgrading his Winter Soldier cosplay.  While it was pretty awesome-looking, his one gripe was that his left arm (the metal one) was a rigid, resin cast piece.  He wanted to upgrade to rubber, so we've tuned up his resin arm in preparation for molding it and casting it in rubber for greater flexibility.  Here's the shiny master just before we molded it:Shiny WS Arm Curing

That particular project has been fraught with weird little technical challenges and I'll be glad to have it off my plate soon.

On a more frivolous note, I decided I needed a more convention-safe weapon prop that my Cobra Infantry Troopers can carry around in public without frightening the normals.  To that end, I printed, molded, and cast a handful of XMLR laser rifles from the original GI Joe cartoons:
XMLR Casts Stacking Up

The original 3D model was digitally sculpted by the amazingly talented Sean Fields.  You can see more of his work and buy other files from him in his Etsy shop: LINK

While I was on a roll with updating my GI Joe projects, I also had Sean model these upgrades for my Cobra Baroness build:
Baroness Bracer Upgrades

Somewhere along the way, he made me the digital model for a taxidermy mount of the "massif," the lizard/dog thing from the Book of Boba Fett (and Star Wars Episode 2 for a moment):
Smoove and Nearly Ready for Gloss

And the B-2 Super Battle Droid I printed out while working on a classified project back in February:
SBD and Pit Droid Progress

It's impressive, and for some reason I'm contemplating molding the whole thing so I can make multiples.  Even though I have absolutely no place to put such a thing:
SBD Scale Reference

You'll also notice the little Pit Droid in those last two photos.  Here's an earlier shot of some of his body coming together:
Teeny Weeny Wittle Pit Droid Shaping Up
This bot was printed from files available at the Droid Division Etsy shop: LINK That much smaller droid may get molded and cast first if I decide to make any kind of sense at all.

Since I'm on a continuing Star Wars streak, I've also decided to make a new and improve Phasma helmet:
Phasma 2.0 molding
I was happy with the old model, but after five or six years of noticing little things I'd gotten wrong, I figured it was time for an overhaul.

I also decided to make a few more copies of my ARC Trooper helmet:
ARC Trooper Helmets in Pimer
This way I can have a few more paintjob options.

Continuing the Star Wars trend, a friend of mine picked up a rough lifesize cast of Han Solo in carbonite:
HIC Restoration Before

We're in the middle of reinforcing the thin fiberglass pull and cleaning up the rough surface:
HIC Sanding

Next we'll be making the lighted display panels for the sides and painting it up so we can install it in his vintage toy and comic shop.

Finally, I've decided to dust off my Senate Guard project and finish up the Paladin ceremonial rifles to go with it:
Printed Senate Guard Rifles

This will be one of my options for something to wear at Star Wars Celebration: Anaheim in a month or so.  I'm still making up my mind about what else I'll be bringing.

Stay tuned as the madness continues.


  1. Amazing stuff ! 👏 can't wait to see that super battle droid completed. How tall is it ? Any progress/updates on the TMNT mouser droid ?

    1. Super Battle Droid will stand about 6'4" tall when fully assembled.

      No progress on the mouser(s). I've got seven sets of parts trimmed and primed and awaiting assembly and weathering. I just need to build neck pieces for them and do the last couple of hours worth of work to call them done.

  2. Awesome work as always. Can't wait to see that super battle droid completed. How tall is it ? Any update/progress on your TMNT Mouser droid ?