Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Handful of Pics I've Been Meaning to Post

Lately I've been noticing a lot of things that I want to take pictures of. In a mad rush to snap the shot I notice "crap, I don't have my camera on me." Then every once in a while I actually have my camera on hand and I snap a picture that I plan to post to my blog and promptly forget all about it. Then I find myself paging through my files and thing "crap, that was for the blog." After a handful of those crap moments, it's finally time to pass this crap on to you, dear readers.


Here's a guy that makes me really glad I decided to finish school:
Vendor Cart
And one of my neighbors down at the marina:

Random shot of a man with a plan:
Spamley Davidson
Here's a shot I took while filling my car at the gas station on Kastania Road on the way to the union hall:
Kastania Scenery
Here's a picture of a cow resting comfortably, inches away from a tumbling death:
Coastal Cow 1

And another cow grazing on the edge:
Coastal Cow 2 Both of these cows were hanging out on the narrow strip of ground between the Pacific Coast Highway and a cliff that drops a few hundred feet to the ocean below. I can't help but wonder how often a cow falls off or gets knocked off by a passing car.

Anyhow, here's a shot Ana took of me flying a kite that same day:
kite photo 4
This photo was made possible by the fact that I know how to fly a kite. I have no photos of Ana flying a kite.*

I realize I've got a lot of blogging to catch up on. I intend to get it done, so stay tuned.

*The implication here is that Ana doesn't know how to fly a kite. That implication is not entirely fair. She does in fact know how to fly a kite. She also knows how to steer a kite. Furthermore, she knows how to steer a kite into a high-speed sharp right turn, crash catastrophically into a neighboring kite (severing the neighboring kite's strings in the process) and then dive a kite straight into the ground.

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  1. Wait we weren't supposed to be battling with our kites? Where did you learn to fly kites! Maybe your kitefu just sucks. ;)