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Thursday, April 1, 2021

High-Speed Solution to Prepping Printed Plastic Parts for Paint

I don't tend to do video tutorials, but I've seen enough stupid #sandinghacks to convince me that there's a lot of amateurs out there teaching what they don't know how. Here's my high-speed, low-drag, fool-proof method for rapidly prepping printed parts for primer and paint:

Forgot to mention: this method will only work with ABS printed parts. The low melting point of PLA parts make them a bad idea in the clothes dryer and the higher pH value of the vegetable-based plastic counteracts the effects of the citric acid. Don't even ask me about PETG printed parts. If you insist on using PETG, you've got your own problems and I can't help you. Also, I need a damned haircut.


  1. Can I use lemons for my resin prints, or do I need something more exotic like a bergamot or a yuzu?

    1. For most SLA resins, I would recommend yams for the first step and citron for the second step. And don't put them in the dryer, use the dishwasher instead.