Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Thor, the Goddess of Thunder Part 3: Getting Hammered

Without the hammer, Thor is just a lady in a funny hat and cape.

About the time I started this project, I ordered up a couple of Mjolnir kits from Branfuhr Studios.  You can see their current offerings here: www.etsy.com/shop/BranfuhrStudios

The two kits arrived at about the same time as my fabric swatches:
Fabric swatches

The castings were nice and clean.  Free of surface flaws and with only a tiny bit of cleanup work to do on the sprues and seams.  I ended up getting a bit carried away:
Hammer Heads Sanded and Filled

Here's the parts of the heads glued together with the handles dry-fitted into place:
Spot Putty Drying on Mjolnirs

Once I'd sanded the filler smooth, everything was primed and the metal parts were painted with a gunmetal metallic paint:
mjolnir head base color closeup

mjolnir heads base color

The handle was painted in a tan enamel:
mjolnir handle basecoat

Once that had dried thoroughly, I added a thick coat of darker brown acrylic paint, wrapped the whole thing in plastic cling wrap while the paint was wet, then peeled off the plastic wrap to reveal decent faux leather effect:
Handle Leather Closeup 1

Handle Leather Closeup 2

After that had dried, the next step was to mask off the "leather" parts so I could paint the metal bits:
Handle Masked Prior to Silver Bits

The masking was a bit on the rough side, so there was a bit of leakage around the edges:
Silver Picked Out

Still, it was good enough to continue assembly:
Mjolnir Before Weathering

After a quick blackwash, the dark metallic parts were drybrushed in order to bring the details to life.  Then I added the leather strap to the pommel and it was good to go:
Mjolnir Finished

"But wait," says you, "I thought you said there were two of them."

Good catch, dear reader.  Stay tuned to find out what happens to that one.

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