Monday, October 19, 2015

2015 Rip City Riders Car Show (AKA "Shopping for Cars I Can't Have")

For those of you who don't know, in addition to making props and costumes and my one weekend a month in the Navy Reserve, I spend a bunch of time volunteering as an adult leader with the local Sea Scout ship.  Sea Scouts, for the uninitiated, are essentially the nautical branch of the Boy Scouts of America.  A co-ed program that teaches young adults all about teamwork, leadership, responsibility, and all sorts of valuable things while aboard ship.  It's a great program.

It's also an expensive program with a lot of high-maintenance equipment involved.  In order to cover the cost of running the ship and keeping everything in safe working order (without having to resort to constant bake sales and whatnot) the unit does much of its fundraising by running the parking concession at the local fair.  We've gotten pretty good at it over the years and our problem-free management of the lot means that the kids get invited to run things every time there's a special event at the local fairgrounds.  

A couple of weekends ago, the Rip City Riders motorcycle club hosted their annual car show at the Petaluma Fairgrounds.  After a quick rush to get everything set up, we had all of the entrances to the lot manned and started selling parking spaces for the day.  Before too long it was pretty clear that the situation was well in hand, being taken care of by stony-faced professionals like these:

Since it seemed like everybody had things under control, I took a few minutes to walk through the car show to see if there was anything on display that I couldn't possibly live without.  There were all sorts of interesting vehicles on display with seemingly no real rhyme or reason.  One of the first things that really caught my eye was this MG:

It was also pretty cool to see a replica of the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard:
General Lee

Further down the row of 70's muscle cars that didn't do anything for me was this mechanical monstrosity:

It was a bit much.  I figure if you're just looking for attention, this guy's got the right idea:

If shiny is more appealing, this Studebaker was pretty cool:

I really loved the bodywork on this guy:

It seems like every car show I go to has at least a few of these:

I don't really see a lot of these gassers around anymore, but this one was fun:

I really love the color choice on this Vette:

My uncle used to have one of these kicking around in his shop for at least a couple of years, so I have always had a soft spot for it:
'59 Caddy

There were a few other less, interesting things to see in the show, so after walking around a bit I was almost ready to commit and say that my favorite would probably have been this one:
Brushed Metal

Except somebody showed up with a tank:
M41 Walker Bulldog

Tank always wins.

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