Monday, May 11, 2015

Dad Installed a Murphy Bed

Some number of years ago (who keeps track of these things?) my father came across a complete Murphy bed at a swap meet or yard sale or some other such event where folks offload oddball crap that nobody actually needs.

The various components of that Murphy bed have been collecting dust out in the barn ever since.

A few days back, he decided to pull out all of the pieces and see if there was any way he could get it assembled and functional.  The only problem: just where could he find room to install it?

The answer was found on the open side of another barn:
Murphy Bed Stowed

That panel is the visible side of the bed when it's properly installed and folded up out of the way.  The whole thing is designed to pivot around and slide back into the same recess it came out of, so the bed can fold out like so:
Murphy Bed Unfolding

Everything is spring-assisted, so it doesn't take all that much effort to fold it up or down.  Here it is folded all the way down:
Murphy Bed Unfolded

In actual use, it would be fitted with a thin mattress and made up with sheets and blankets.  There's even a clamp arrangement at the foot of the bed to hold everything in place when the bed is folded back into the wall:
Murphy Bed Made

Sooner or later he'll figure out where he wants it permanently installed, but for now, its current location is rather quaint:
Murphy Bed In Use


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