Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lifesize ED-209 Build Part 7: IT IS DONE

There are only a few projects that have made it onto my bucket list and I'm glad to say that this one is finished.  It's been three very demanding months, but the final product makes up for it:

Hotel Security 1

Hotel Security 2

Here's the video showing this guy on display at the Maker Faire:

As with all of the videos, there's an accompanying article at MAKE:

If you're just now tuning in, you can see the whole series of articles here:

I was also interviewed by Norm from

Here's a couple more photos of him at the Maker Faire:

ED209 wins all of the things.

He made a few friends there:
Maker Faire 04

ED209 vs R2D2

Now he's got a gig doing hotel security:
Hotel Security 4

The whole build was a resounding success and it couldn't have happened without my amazing crew:
Saturday Evening Crew Portrait

I couldn't be more proud:
Me and My Murderbot

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  1. Shawn - glad to see you out there! Last time I bumped into you was at SWOS in 2004, man how the time flies! What an awesome project! I see you are the man of many talents we all suspected you of. I'm definitely going to subscribe and follow your projects - Rob Shu.

  2. That is fucking impressive!