Monday, March 17, 2014

Lifesized ED-209 Build: Part 2

The next installment in the "Building Up to Maker Faire" series is now live:

Work continues in the shop at breakneck speed:

Alright, that photo's not a great example.  Here's the gun pod almost ready to mold:
Gun Pod Nearly Ready to Mold

Here I am with the first two copies of the lower leg out of the mold:
Lightweight Leg Parts

And these are the toes coming together:
Toe Prototypes

More to come.  I have 59 days to get the prototypes finished, molds made, parts pulled, assembled, painted, and loaded up on a truck to head to the event.  It's getting pretty exciting.

Stay tuned...


  1. Heys, I think you added wrong picture (the second one about gun pod).

  2. I really appreciate the fact that you are on such a tight schedule but still taking the time out to do an instructional segment to your video. Thanks.

    1. No worries. The folks at MAKE Magazine are doing all of the video editing. All I'm doing is talking them through the processes I'm using every other week or so.