Tuesday, November 19, 2013

COMING SOON: Radio Gnome

When the fight on the ground gets too thick and the infantry is at the risk of being overrun, garden defenders know they can always count on the radioman for help.  The enemy might think he looks harmless armed with nothing more than his A/N PRC-25 portable radio, but they'll change their tune when he calls in an airstrike and levels the playing field.

Here's a shot of the sculpt in progress:
Radio Gnome Front

I tried to capture the expression of a gnome in the middle of calling for an F-bomb.

I still have to sculpt his radio pack.  For right now, he just has a blank space:
Radio Gnome Right

As soon as I've finished the molds, it'll be time to crank out copies and list them in my Etsy shop: http://etsy.com/shop/thorssoli

In the meantime, I need some more ideas for a backstory to go with this guy.  Any suggestions?


  1. Since most radio men follow their LTs and other officers around, his back story should follow some where along officer gnomes story.

    Maybe he was a radio DJ before the great garden gnome war broke out.

  2. "Radio Gnome LOVES his phone. Games on it, works on it, reads on it, does everything on it. Then the military drafted him. He thought his life was worthless. He never had the time to be on his phone! And so he paid some bribes and got the next best job: a radio gnome!"

  3. Everywhere I look for one of these or anything similar, I'm always lead back to you! You're my only hope! I have to get one of these for my husband! Please help!