Friday, March 18, 2011

The Heart of Gold's First Photoshoot

The other day Mallory, my intermittent workshop assistant, asked if I could make my boat available for her to do a photoshoot for her portfolio.  Not having any other plans for the boat just then, I agreed.

I also stuck around to help out.  The whole thing started just after dark and I'm eager to see the images the actual photographer and his assistant managed to get.  I took a handful of snapshots in the meantime, so here's the best one I got:
Mallory Boat Pose

She cleans up pretty nice. 

Mallory, that is.*  Especially considering the way she usually looks when she's hanging out with me:
Mallory Workshop

I'm counting on getting a few of the bigger, better images from the pro with the big camera when he's done sorting and processing them.  Stay tuned and I'll post them when I get them.

*The boat too, really.


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