Monday, October 12, 2009

Fleet Week Trip Aboard SSS Compass Rose

Sunday morning I set out with the Petaluma and Santa Rosa Sea Scouts aboard the Sea Scout Ship Compass Rose to see the Fleet Week air show. I'm not sure why they opted out of the parade of ships on Saturday, but the flying part of the show was cancelled due to the weather, so it worked out alright for everyone.

The transit downriver was pretty uneventful (aside from being a bit chilly) and having almost 40 people on board. We took up a position west of Alcatraz with plenty of time for Don to grill up some hotdogs for lunch:
Don Grilling
Along the way I drank a bunch of coffee:
The weather was pretty bleak:
The SSS Steves had made the trip up from Santa Cruz for the day (also with a lot of extra people on board):
SSS Steves
SSS Chaser had cruised down from Napa too:
SSS Chaser
The bay wasn't even half as crowded as it has been every other time I've been out for Fleet Week, but there was still no shortage of big, shiny sailboats:
Shiny Boat

Random Schooner
The air show was as good as ever and we'd picked a great spot where one of the Blue Angels streaked right over the top of us close enough to read the pilot's name off the fuselage. I didn't take any pics or video until a bit later:

It's hard to really capture how fast and loud these things are when you're taking pics from underneath:

Either way, it was a nice trip and I'm glad I took the time:
Self Portrait in San Francisco Bay

On the way back up the river we ended up rendering aid to a somewhat clueless sailor who couldn't figure out how to sail into the wind with no fuel. I always get a kick out of situations like this:

We towed this hapless halfwit to the guest dock at Lakeville before we cast him off to drift over to the dock-our good turn daily.

We were moored in the Petaluma Marina by eight-something that night. Nice.

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