Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wandering the Capitol

I've just finished up something like six weeks in Washington DC while the wyf was working off her temporary assignment to USCG headquarters. She's had a very busy job with painful long hours and lots of pressure to deal with.

Meanwhile, I've just been wandering around the city enjoying all of the monuments:
Samuel Gompers
Here's some random pictures from the National Mall:
Lincoln Monument
WA Monument
WA Monument2
And the Capitol building:
One evening as we strolled past, Ana and I stumbled across a concert featuring the US Army and Canadian Army bands:
US-Canada Concert
I'm pretty sure this band consisted of something like 26% of Canada's active-duty military personnel.

Meanwhile, it turns out that they have a monument to just about anything you can think of somewhere in DC. There's also plenty of random statues just waiting to be harassed:
Shawn Lion

It's also good to be nice to them though:
Ana Lion

Anyhow... It's been a fun trip, but I've definitely worn out most of the things I planned to do in DC.

Next up: the Voyage Home...

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