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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

February UFO Sightings in the Workshop

Once again, as time goes flying by, I find myself looking around the shop and pondering the huge drifting piles of things I've been working on in between more serious projects.  It turns out I have the attention span of a chipmunk when it comes to these kinds of hobby projects and I seem to be building a collection of started things just a bit faster than I've been building my collection of finished things.

With that in mind, here's just a handful of the UnFinished Objects scattered around the shop lately.

First off, I got a bit excited during a slow day a while ago and decided to break out a handful of helmets that are in progress lately:Backburner Projects Dusted Off

The Sabine Wren helmet, Primaris Space Marine, and Samus Aran are all cast from my molds.  The Havoc Trooper is 3D printed from files made by Marko Makaj.  The rest are kits I've picked up from other makers recently.  These kinds of things are good for me to keep on hand whenever I get frustrated and need a thing I can finish in a hurry and feel accomplished.

On an unrelated note, I decided to make a replica of Jarnbjorn, the axe which Thor wielded before he got his hammer, Mjolnir:
Handle Bands Progress
The head was printed from a file I got at Do3D.com.  The handle is a scratch build I've been tinkering with whenever I find a few extra minutes and happen to have whatever tool I need in my hand.

For the past however many months, I've had my Cobra Commander helmet mold sitting on the bench where I do my fiberglass layup.  So whenever I mix up a bit too much material, I end up with another helmet blank.  Once they get trimmed a bit and painted dark blue, the Cobra Commander helmets become Cobra infantry trooper helmets.  At some point I should probably quit:
Cobra Trooper Helmet Lineup

I have a steady stream "someday" projects lined up.  So whenever the once in a while happens and there's a few days where my fleet of 3D printers isn't doing anything important, I have them constantly cranking out parts so I won't end up waiting on the printers when I have time to tinker on fun stuff.

One such frivolous project is the Halo rocket launcher prop that I don't need at all, but I've been wanting for ten years.  At this point almost all of the parts have been printed, so it's nearing the prep and paint and make it look cool stage.  In the meantime, it's huge:
Barrels Assembled

Speaking of huge, sometime last year I started making parts for Paz Vizla, the heavy infantry Mandalorian.  One of the more interesting parts was his heavy blaster.  Here's most of the printed parts all lined up together:
Heavy Blaster Prototype WIP

While I've already molded and cast most of the pieces and parts, I haven't quite made time to make a mold for the main body.  That changed last week when I finally got around to turning some scrap MDF into a cradle for it:
Mold cradle begins

At the rate I'm going, I'll be casting parts sometime next week:
Blaster Body Moldmaking

As usual, there's tons of other works in progress scattered around the workshop, I'm about to wrap up a couple of builds all at once, so stay tuned for more interesting articles coming soon.

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